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April 15, 2022

What Does Dubai’s Vision 2040 Entail?

Envisaging large-scale changes for residents, citizens, and visitors

Today, Dubai is known for its world-class infrastructure, well-kept roadways, and great public transportation and connections. The city with a growth potential unlike any other. The United Arab Emirates’ main city is a remarkable combination of its Bedouin roots and an ultra-modern culture of its own, with its flamboyant architecture and over-the-top flair.

When we compare Dubai from what it was to what it is now, it has not only lived up to its reputation but also exceeded the expectations of its residents and visitors over the past decade. The coming two decades will witness a brand new transformation in this city regarding infrastructure, tourism, and investments.

Prime Focus of Dubai’s Vision 2040

With a vision to emerge as the finest city in the world to live in, the ultimate goal is to enhance development, tourism, and investment across the emirate. Dubai’s real estate business and future investment will also be shaped by Vision 2040.

The special emphasis will be on boosting business friendliness, offering various and high-quality national housing alternatives, along with expanding the city’s open areas and urban centres. With a forecast of a 76% rise in Dubai’s population over the next two decades, the aim is to entice new inhabitants to the emirate on a demographic basis.

Launching 5 New Urban Centres to Boost Dubai’s Economy

Five urban centres are ready to be launched to support economic activity across Dubai. Of which, three are already operational (Deira/ Bur Dubai, Downtown/ Business Bay and Dubai Marina/ JBR), while the other two (Expo 2020 and Dubai Silicon Oasis) are in the planning stages.

These 5 sections will altogether focus on improving Dubai’s logistics and tourist industries, science and innovation, commercial, corporate, and hospitality sectors, as well as the cultural legacy.

Focusing on Improving Happiness and Quality of Life

Improving the happiness and quality of life of Dubai’s inhabitants, citizens, and tourists are considered the driving force of Dubai’s vision of 2040. Improving people’s work-life balance and expanding their leisure time is a significant components of this.

Creating an integrated services centre to cater to 80% of a resident’s needs within 20 minutes of their home and establishing a sustainable transportation system in which 55% of the population will live within 800 metres of a metro station seems to be a legit goal.

Developing Hatta

Hatta, a small place present on the city’s boundaries, is ideally positioned to serve as a day excursion for visitors to Dubai –  a wonderful escape from the city’s urban chaos.

Hatta has the potential to be converted into one of the major tourism, commercial, and investment destinations over the coming decades. Although, its heritage and natural environment along with the investment in the area, need to be primarily preserved.

Hatta will see the construction of new hotels, properties, a funicular tram system that has never been seen in the region, and a 120-kilometre track for bicycles and scooters connecting tourist and residential districts.

Bottom Line

Dubai’s Vision 2040 looks promising when we consider the development of infrastructure, tourism, and investments. The ever-growing potential of the real estate market will be the turning point of Dubai being more sustainable.

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