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April 15, 2022

The Future of Dubai Architecture: 3D Printed Buildings

Dubai has taken bold steps ever since it resolved to transform from deserts to the land of every man’s dreams. Its constant revolutionary actions have left the world enchanted and amazed with its architecture. Whether it is a technological miracle, an awe-inspiring artificial landscape, or the tallest skyscraper, you can find them all in the city of dreams!

Imagination Beyond Ordinary

Dubai supersedes imagination and innovation of the ordinary. From artificial islands to waterfronts, Dubai has raised the benchmark of modern architecture immensely. As it were not enough, the country brought the first 3D building, Office of the Future, into existence.

Office of the Future

In 2016, DEWA’s Robotics & Drone laboratory, Office of the Future, the first 3D printed lab, was launched globally. This architectural marvel is built with a 20-foot-tall 3D printer and has positioned Dubai as the global center of technology in architecture construction and design. And here begins the revolutionary journey in architectural space.

3D printing technology is not merely a new development in technology. It can increase productivity, reduce costs and shorten the periods of building and delivering new homes and structures. However, its benefits are not limited to architectural development and increased efficiency.

It aims to reduce the carbon footprint. With the rise in real estate in Dubai, environment-friendly technology can truly make an impact. The economic, sustainable, and architectural values of 3d printing have managed to lure His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, who has launched a unique global initiative in its support.

The Prime Minister of UAE announced that 25 percent or one-quarter of Dubai’s construction homes and buildings would adopt 3D printing by 2030. With this new initiative, they also hope that it will aid in eradicating homelessness looming in Dubai.

Using its advanced structures and software, Dubai has already completed several 3d printing projects such as Etihad Museum and Dubai Municipality. But it takes diligent research and technology to undertake such 3D printing projects. Several public and private companies have invested heavily in R&D departments to deliver the quality and brilliance they promise. The experts from across the world are carefully hired to work together. Many organizations have constructed 3D printing houses, offices, and buildings.


Bottom Line

Considering the demand and promising features of 3D printing, it would not be an exaggeration to say that 3D-printed buildings are the world’s future, particularly in Dubai. Western powers like the US and France are also hopping on this advanced technology. Investors from around the globe are excited to become a part of this new market. Visionaries who look forward to investing in Dubai’s real estate are feasting their eyes on 3D-printed properties. With the market size at an all-time high, the time to make a real estate investment in Dubai is now!

If you plan on finding your home in the city of the future, then partner with one of the credible companies that will find the best for you in the myriad of projects. The top players, like Loft and Manor, do not hesitate to promise and deliver. With access to the local market and our vast network, we guarantee to match you with top-quality 3D-printed spaces without compromising your wants and budgets.

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