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April 15, 2022

Expand your real estate portfolio in Sharjah

Sharjah, the third-largest city in UAE, might get outshone by its more attractive cities but should not be undermined in terms of what it offers — beaches, malls, mosques, museums, souks, cricket matches, and authentic experiences. It is the cultural spot of the UAE.

What makes it unique is that it conserves and preserves its cultural roots all along the way while infusing the modern and futuristic elements into it, which exudes warmth, familiarity, and luxury.

Cultural Hub

Sharjah is the cultural hub for all art enthusiasts. History buffs can satiate themselves in the Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization, architectural geeks in Al Noor Mosque, while the art connoisseurs find their relief in the Sharjah Art Museum, which displays the works of Gulf artists. However, being a part of the UAE follows the federation’s values. It is involved in sustainable and environmental projects such as fostering desert plants in the zero-water garden and installing rain rooms in Sharjah Arts Foundation.

Although it is a cultural spot, an expert eye would identify its investment value. All the tourists sites and attractions make it a good choice for investors. Unlike neighboring cities like Abu Dhabi and Dubai, Sharjah is the late bloomer in the real estate journey.

The 2014 law amendments stated that ex-pats could buy property in Sharjah only if they had a valid resident visa and up to 5 properties. But with the change in such stringent policies, it has become an excellent real estate option for foreigners. The rates have increased immensely.

Investors’ Favourites

The favorite areas for investors to buy property in Sharjah are Al Jada, Al Mamsha, and Tilal City.

Al Jada is a unique and affordable urban community that offers a balance of work and recreation in stress-free surroundings to its residents. The amenities and the lifestyle make it a suitable option for great returns.

Another neighborhood to consider is Al Mamsha, which is popular because of its prime location. It is an excellent option for ex-pats to live or invest in because of the diverse range of estates available — from low-cost studio apartments to 3-bedroom duplex apartments with private terraces and gardens.

The next in line is Tilal City, often called investors’ haven. The community has eight distinct divisions; however, investors prefer residential and mixed-purpose lands. You can find apartments, plots, villas, duplexes, and townhouses as per your preferences and budget.

But that is not it. Other popular communities include Al Taawun, famous for its waterfront lively familial apartments, and Al Qasim, known for its tourist attractions like Sharjah Beach, King Faisal Mosque, and Al Majaz Waterfront.

Future of Real Estate

Future projects in the cultural spot are estimated to increase the property prices in the city. The prices in real estate will continue to grow this year but surprisingly at a slower rate which means 2022 is the year for investors to increase their ROI. The 10-year golden visa program and other schemes definitely have a role to play in UAE’s rising market.

For investors looking to enlarge their portfolio and maximize their returns on property, the Sharjah real estate market is promising. If you’re ready to invest, partner with a real estate company like L&M and find a sweet spot to enjoy the wonders of Sharjah. Our local partners help us to keep up with market conditions and trends, find gems in the city, and offer you hassle-free transactions! Contact us today!

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