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April 9, 2022

Abu Dhabi: The real estate investors’ hub

Hotspot of the Gulf

Expanding across a 972 km square area, Abu Dhabi houses almost half of the Emirates’ population and contributes nearly two-thirds to UAE’s economy. Since its authorization as UAE Federation’s capital, Abu Dhabi has continually built plans for luxury, tourism, residential, and commercial plans across all fronts. The results have always inspired awe from people, leaving a lasting impression in their memories.

The city’s establishment and its modernization are relatively new compared to the world’s metropolitans. Yet, its architectural and construction projects compete with the best real estate markets and have even beaten them. Abu Dhabi ranks third among the global community. In fact, if you wish to celebrate and witness UAE’s architectural achievements, there is no better place than Abu Dhabi.

Architectural Development

The city government is committed to residential, commercial, and cultural sectors, developing cultural landmarks, headquarters, villas, and islands that exude luxury, elegance, and space. Starting with its top project, the multibillion-dollar Kizad port and Kizad Industrial Zone Abu Dhabi officially opened in September 2012 are investor magnets offering 100 percent foreign ownership. Several government projects have also been undertaken, such as the Barakah nuclear power plant, the first nuclear plant of UAE. Not only this, but Abu Dhabi also launched a few cultural projects flaunting its history and rich heritage, such as Louvre Abu Dhabi and Wahat Al Karma.

The city is supportive of sustainable projects and green technology. In the hub, you will find one of the world’s most sustainable and commercially viable urban communities, Masdar city.

What is not available or gifted by nature, Abu Dhabi relies on its human power to create and bring them into existence. For example, the man-made hills, Reem Hills.

The city is the eye candy for investors and developers who continually launch new projects and plans. Dr Adeeb Al Afifi, executive director of the real estate sector at DMT, aims to create a transparent, fair system for better regulatory systems in the real estate sector, which led to new amendments and policies benefiting property owners immensely. Even after the pandemic, recent reports by DLD show that Abu Dhabi again experiencing a resurgence in the real estate market. Considering the projects and the landmarks, it does not come as a surprise.

As per Savills reports, student, senior housing, and multi-family properties enjoyed the most in the real estate sector. So, if you’re planning to invest in the UAE, then residential properties can be a good choice besides commercial properties. While we’re at it, some areas with promising returns include Al Raha Beach, Al Reef, Masdar city, Saadiyat islands, Hydra Village, and Yas islands.

Future Plans

The new projects that investors should look forward to are Louvre Abu Dhabi residences and Al Nawras Island. Louvre Abu Dhabi will be located next to the museum Reem Hills on Reem Islands. Al Nawras Island will have 80 beach and water villas, hotels and resorts, gyms, fitness studios, swimming pools, and tennis.

Abu Dhabi has also launched a cultural project in Saadiyat Island, Natural History Museum Abu Dhabi, which will be home to the planet’s rarest specimens, showcasing the 13.8 billion year journey of the universe — from the beginning to the possible future.

The Bottomline

We advise you to do your diligent research before investing in any property. Look at the market condition and reports to identify the areas with critical declines and potential growth. Consider the neighborhood. And then make your investment decisions. Or, you can simply connect with L&M and let us scour the market for the property that provides you with the big bucks. Our team of experts handles the research and paperwork and ensures you gain the maximum returns on your investment.

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